14 Ways to Set The Mood Using Landscape Lighting

Every homeowner throughout the Houston area is looking for a way to improve the appearance of their home. Landscape lighting provides one surefire way to give the appearance of your property the edge it needs. Have you been researching outdoor lighting contractors hoping to find the perfect solution for your landscaping needs? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out our list below to get some inspiration for lighting that can liven up your outdoor space. We have a variety of different choices to highlight, so there’s something to meet everyone’s needs.

14 Ways to Set The Mood Using Landscape Lighting

1. Step Lights

Want to illuminate your porch in a unique way that makes getting up the stairs easy at any time of the day? Or maybe you have stairs along an exterior path in your landscaping that you want to add an accent to? Step lights are the perfect solution. These lights are often low voltage for safety reasons, providing a subtle accent that brings out the style of your porch, deck, or other exterior feature.

2. Light Posts

Few exterior features achieve a more classic look than a light post. This exterior light option comes in a variety of styles and sizes, letting you choose the right level of lighting and the look that best compliments your yard’s style. Another strong point of this feature is that you can use it to illuminate otherwise dark portions of your property, increasing the sense of security you get.

3. Flood Lights

Sometimes, you want to have plenty of light in an outdoor space. This can be perfect for creating a welcoming outdoor dining area or patio space that you can utilize at all hours. You might also want to illuminate your driveway with such powerful lighting. Flood lights are the perfect solution when you want to go big on outdoor illumination for your landscape.

4. Outdoor Candelabra Chandeliers

If you really want to add a ‘wow’ factor and an extra level of elegance to your outdoor space, look no further than an outdoor candelabra chandelier. These overhead light fixtures bring the sophistication that you’ve seen in the finest dining rooms to your deck, patio, or other outdoor space where there’s a roof to fix them to. You can get these light fixtures in a number of different styles depending on what suits your home the best.

5. Path Lights

An illuminated path can be a great way to create a striking look in your yard and allow people to walk through it at any time of the day. Path lights are designed to be used along a walking path, providing a beautiful accent to this feature of your yard and lighting the way with clarity. Many of these lights are quite dim so that they only light the path they’re near, but you can get brighter options.

6. Sconces

Looking to keep the area along your walls illuminated at all hours? Sconces can provide the lighting you’re looking for with an old-fashioned appearance that never goes out of style. These can be used for a variety of different purposes, from lighting up a walkway around the home to setting the right mood on your patio, making them one of the more versatile lighting choices available to you.

7. Spotlights

Want to show off the facade of your home even after the sun has gone down? Spotlights provide an excellent way to shed light on your home or anything else you wish to be visible in the dark. Because the light they provide is so targeted and the light fixtures are so adjustable, the applications for this type of outdoor lighting are really only limited by your imagination.

8. Garden Lights

When you’re entertaining at your home, you want to be able to show off all the stunning landscaping features you’ve worked so hard to create. That includes viewing your garden even after dark. Garden lights provide you with the solution that you’re looking for, shedding the perfect light on the beautiful splash of color that your garden creates.

9. Lights at Your Doorway

Lighting can be a great way to change the mood of your property so that it becomes a more welcoming place. One of the best ways to achieve this is to add exterior lights near the entry of your home. This can be used to fully illuminate your front porch so that navigating the steps will be easy no matter what time of day it is, or simply to enhance the lighting near the doorway to create a more inviting atmosphere.

10. Tree Lights

Is there a tree that features prominently on your property that you want to call a little extra attention to? Tree lights are the answer that you’re looking for. You have options for how to achieve this look exactly, with string lights through the limbs of the tree being one eye-catching option. You can also

11. Security Lights

Outdoor lighting has more uses than just aesthetics. Security lights can help increase the sense of peace of mind you have when you’re on your property. These lights are designed to be motion-sensitive, turning on when something moves through the sensor’s proximity. This can alert you to the presence of an intruder or an animal on your premises sooner than you would otherwise notice.

12. Colorful Lights

Using every color in the rainbow helps you add character and personality to your home, and this same principle can easily be applied when it comes to outdoor lighting options. Different colored lights can be used to create a unique appearance around your home. Standard white lights provide maximum illumination and a classic look, while amber lights are somewhat more muted and create a relaxed atmosphere.

13. Illuminated Water Features

Want to take the elegance of your landscaping to the next level and create a truly unforgettable outdoor spectacle? Adding a light fixture to the pond, stream, or other water feature on your property is the perfect idea. The way that the lighting reflects off the surface of the water creates an effect that both you and any guests at your home are sure to love.

14. Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a specific type of path lighting that have a distinctive character that creates a classic appearance on your property. Use them to shed some light on a junction in your landscaping path or to line the way so that people can easily see where they’re going. The combination of form and function that these lights achieve to make them the perfect addition to your exterior style.

Takeaways for Outdoor Lighting

Want to get the professional design touches for your landscaping that will give you the high-end results you’re looking for? Our experts have the solutions you need. We have all of these options and more to show you, giving you plenty of choices to find the lighting that best suits your home.

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