5 Backyard Fish Pond Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard Makeover

Thinking of installing a backyard fish or Koi pond? At Living Trees & Shrubs, we know a thing or two about designing and building beautiful backyard ponds — after all, we’ve been doing it for 32 years. If you’re shopping around for the best pond contractors in Houston or Katy, contact us to schedule a design consultation.

There are millions of ways to express your style and add the perfect finishing touch to your backyard with a fishpond. Here are some fishpond ideas to get you started.

1. Rectangle Koi Pond

If you’re looking for traditional beauty in your pond, consider the rectangle koi pond. It doesn’t sound exciting but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in classically exquisite charm.

Imagine what it would be like to step out into your backyard and stroll along a koi pond. The relaxing sound of the bubbling water and the fishing coming up to greet you — that’s a truly zen backyard water feature. Picture the dark-looking water with green vegetation, bursting with luxurious pops of color as the fish swim and play. The sound of the water enlivens your senses while the spouting fountain naturally cools the warm night air.

The rectangular pond is perfect for people who have a smaller garden because it’s compact. But you can use it in combination with other yard features to fill out a wide-open space. 

2. Urn Fountain with Stained Glass Pond

Ponds aren’t just for fish and frogs. They can add the calming sound of moving water and cooling to any space. Consider adding an urn fountain to your pond’s design. Unlike many ground-level ponds, an urn fountain carries the eyes vertically with a steady cascade of cooling water.  

modern pond design ideas for 2021

Add stained glass lily pads to the base for extra visual appeal as the glass plays with your backyard lighting bouncing off the water.

3. Overflowing Pots with a Clear Fishpond Base

If you have an appreciation of function and form, consider an overflowing pots design. Use two or more waterproof pots to create a cascade of water into the larger pot. Make the bottom pot clear and add some goldfish. 

But please, we urge you to work with landscape architecture experts when building an in-ground pond for live fish, because overheating can occur if the pond is poorly placed or designed. Also, some of the most complicated considerations regarding pond construction for fish are the water pumps, filters, and irrigation.

4. The Gravel-Lined Fish Pond

Decorative, pond-appropriate gravel gives you great versatility in the size, depth, and shape of your pond. Do make sure your pond is deep enough and shady enough to allow fish a place to hide from the hot sun and potential predators.

Also, if you do not plan to bring your fish inside in the winter, you can leave them outside in this part of the country most of the time, but only if the pond is at the proper depth.

Why not add a waterfall fountain to keep the water cooler and aerated, so your fish stay more comfortable and healthy? Or make your pond big enough that you can build a decorative bridge over it.

FYI, gravel ponds give you ample flexibility because they work in almost any yard type – large or small. Because these ponds are so versatile, you can choose a shape that accentuates other curves and angles in your landscape.

5. Locally-Sourced Rock Pond

Show your Texas pride by choosing locally sourced rocks for your fishpond design. Sandstone and limestone, which can be locally sourced, are two favorites.

Consider a dry-stone stack around your pond to give natural platforms off which your fountain water cascades back into the pond. Proper leveling and design are critical when using natural dry stacks. Otherwise, you end up with exposed liner, which is not only unsightly but may shorten the life of the beautiful pond you’ve built.

Or you can choose cemented rock, which is more sturdy and generally safer. Note that cemented rocks won’t stick to your liner, so you must properly anchor them to prevent collapse.

Fishpond Ideas

A fishpond adds a much-needed finishing touch to any yard and allows you to express your backyard style and make this a welcoming space to lay back or entertain. But a fishpond isn’t a project to take lightly. Make sure it’s done right; hire a professional landscaping company to give those fish the natural environment they need to thrive and the design elements you can enjoy for many years.

We can help you explore options and build a fishpond that becomes the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Contact us for a free consultation.