6 Ideas to Improve Your Garden with Water Features

One of the most peaceful and therapeutic water feature ideas for homes is a pond addition. Landscaping features that use running water not only add peace and serenity; they promote a sense of well-being and calmness from auditory and visual stimulation. Install a water feature and you’ll have a private oasis to enjoy for years to come. It just makes an outdoor space an oasis of splendor that will set your yard apart from your neighbors, making it unique and special. 

One of our specialties at Living Trees & Shrubs is designing and installing water features and koi ponds. From starter ponds to more elaborate artistic designs for larger spaces we’re going to customize one that’s right for you and your space. The design and execution of these types of projects is something we love to do. We can make a water feature area that feels a little bit like your own vacation paradise right out your backdoor. Here are 6 landscaping ideas for exceptional water ponds and features that will enhance any property. 

1. Design a Pond Near an Outdoor Kitchen

The ultimate entertainment space is an outdoor kitchen combined with a festive water feature. You can do this with any size pond depending on what your space will allow, or even pair it with a relaxing stream. When you entertain a lot this is truly a space that your guest will flock to and enjoy while you grill up a few backyard bbq favorites. Ribs and burgers, anyone? 

2. Install a Stream Around a Tranquil Seating Area

Spending time in nature is one of the best parts of having a great backyard space. We can craft an area around a beautiful tranquil seating spot with a water feature. This is the perfect location to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, sit back to read a treasured book, or even practice some meditation. It’s going to become a favorite space outside your home. 

3. The Water Feature and Fire Pit Combo

There is nothing better than sitting out by a fire pit on a mildly chilly night of the Texas winter. The water feature and fire pit combo is a popular one because they can be enjoyed nearly year-round in our mild climate. This is another spot in your backyard that is a top place for entertaining. Picture sitting around a roaring fire, twinkling lights above, and the gentle sounds of the ideal water pond playing like nature’s music. Ideal.  

4. Traditional Koi Pond

If you have kids, this idea is an especially fun one. Having a traditional koi pond with those large colorful carp is something the whole family can enjoy. Plus, in Japanese culture koi fish signify good luck and bountiful fortune. Who doesn’t need more of that? Overall, it’s an engaging water feature that looks gorgeous with water lilies and floating plants that the fish will eat. 

5. Rock Studded Waterfall Pond

A simple waterfall made of different sizes of rock looks like a living creek in your backyard. You can have all kinds of greenery added to make the spot lush and pretty to look at. We can even do pondless waterfalls, where the water doesn’t pool into a reservoir space but circulates to create a unique flowing fountain.

6. Modern Staircase Water Feature 

Staircase waterfalls are a luxury landscaping touch that enhances a backyard deck space. A staircase waterfall on either side looks modern and unique. It’s just another special touch with water features that can make your landscaping stand out from your neighbors. 

No matter what kind of pond or water feature you want us to build in your backyard, we hope you’ll give the pros at Living Trees & Shrubs a chance to earn your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your landscaping into a gorgeous paradise.