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6 Ideas to Improve Your Garden with Water Features

One of the most peaceful and therapeutic water feature ideas for homes is a pond addition. Landscaping features that use running water not only add peace and serenity; they promote a sense of well-being and calmness from auditory and visual stimulation. Install a water feature and you’ll have a private oasis to enjoy for years

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Formal Garden Design Elements to Make Your Yard Feel High-End

A formal garden design can give your home a refined, high-end feel. There are certain elements that are always present in formal gardens such as clean, symmetrical lines, 90* angles, framed centerpieces, and a straight pathway that acts as a focal point leading to the home. If you want to enjoy the peaceful luxuriousness of

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Sustainable Landscaping Trends for 2021

Have you heard of sustainable landscaping? It’s a modern landscaping trend that supports and benefits the environment, including all the elements of design, construction, and maintenance in your yard or garden. Sustainable landscaping elements include recycled materials like recycled or crushed concrete and plants that require little to no water such as cacti. If you

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5 Backyard Fish Pond Ideas to Inspire Your Backyard Makeover

Thinking of installing a backyard fish or Koi pond? At Living Trees & Shrubs, we know a thing or two about designing and building beautiful backyard ponds — after all, we’ve been doing it for 32 years. If you’re shopping around for the best pond contractors in Houston or Katy, contact us to schedule a

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The 2021 Backyard Lighting Trends Everyone Is Talking About

Whether you prefer to throw burgers on the fire or host an outdoor wine tasting under the expansive night sky, in Texas backyard lighting is not an option if you want to entertain guests in the evening. In the Lone Star State, the backyard is the place where friends, co-workers, and family come together to enjoy good

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The Latest Modern Landscaping Trends and Features


Looking for the best landscape architects to design a modern backyard with all of the hottest trends and features? Living Trees & Shrubs can design your ideal backyard using modern landscape design elements and materials. Part of the goal of amazing landscaping is that it turns your backyard into a private oasis you can enjoy

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