How Long Do Artificial Putting Greens Usually Last?

If you live in the Houston area in or near Fulshear, TX or Katy, TX and love to golf, there’s a simple way to improve your golf game from the comfort of your home. Artificial putting greens are growing in popularity among homeowners and business owners alike. Putting green installation is a simple process, and in the end, you’ll have a statement and conversational feature in your yard or business that will bring people together while improving everyone’s golf game.

Houston Putting Green Installation: How Long Do Artificial Putting Greens Usually Last in Fulshear, TX and Katy, TX?

After installing an artificial putting green at your home or business, you can expect this unique outdoor feature to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or longer. When you invest in this outdoor feature, it will become a long-lasting addition to your yard or outdoor space and will give you years of enjoyment.

Putting Green FAQs

Where Can I Install a Putting Green?

Business owners and homeowners have all different types of yards and outdoor spaces. Areas with different types of elevation may require a unique design plan, but our design team can turn your golfing dreams into reality regardless of what your space looks like.

If you have a spot in mind where you want to install your putting green, the first step is the contact one of our design experts who can meet with you, discuss your ideal location, and see your space in person. Our experts will make recommendations and help create the perfect design you will love and enjoy for years.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

Installing a putting green is a straightforward process. It involves preparing and installing the artificial turf, and when the process is complete, your putting green will be ready for use. First, our installation team will begin by removing any grass or plants in the designated installation area. Then, the area will be leveled to create flat ground without mounds or dips.

After the area is leveled, crushed granite is poured to slope the area and ensure proper drainage. The granite and soil will then be compacted with a specialty soil compactor and topped with a weed barrier installation shield. This shield prevents any vegetation or grass from growing beneath and up through the turf. Then, the area will be ready for the artificial grass, which will be installed and filled with sand and adhesive powder that is safe for pets, children, and adults.

Is There Any Maintenance?

Putting greens are extremely low-maintenance yard features; all you will have to do maintenance-wise is clean the area as needed with a hose.

How Big Should My Putting Green Be?

The average size of an artificial putting green is approximately 500 square feet, but that’s a fluid measurement. Since these backyard features are completely customizable, we can design one that works well for your space and helps you achieve your desired look.

The best way to determine the right size putting green for your space is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts who can evaluate the space in person, take measurements, and propose a design plan.

What Are the Advantages of an Artificial Putting Green?

There are so many different advantages associated with installing your own artificial putting green. While many people would love a putting green in their yard, they often never consider making that dream a reality because they think it’s just vanity. However, this feature is an investment because it lasts for years and will help you get a return on that investment if you ever choose to sell your home.

They Help Relieve Stress

As a golf lover, getting to the golf course as much as possible is always the goal, but sometimes there are days when you just don’t have the time. You’ll be steps away from the course when you have an artificial putting green in your backyard. Practicing your swing will help you expend some physical and mental energy, and relieve stress.

They Are Backyard Statement Pieces

There’s no doubt that an artificial putting green is a high-end backyard statement piece. It adds a new dimension to outdoor luxury and will definitely set your yard apart from the rest. It’s a unique feature you won’t find just anywhere and will definitely become a conversation piece and a utilized space at every outdoor party you host.

They Preserve Water

The Houston area gets very hot, and without routine watering, plants and lawns begin to dry out beneath the scorching Texas sun. The good news is that when you install an artificial putting green, you won’t have to worry about watering the area. It will stay bright green year-round, saving you money on water bills and making your backyard look better.

They Are Low-Maintenance

Another one of the benefits of an artificial putting green is that it is a low-maintenance feature. To clean it, all you need to do is rinse it off with a hose. You can also use a broom to remove debris, leaves, or branches from the area as needed.

They Increase Home Value

When you install a putting green in your backyard, you’ll be installing a high-end feature that will increase your home value, especially when you live in an area like Fulshear, TX or Katy, TX, where golfing is very popular. Adding a putting green to your yard will give you years of enjoyment but also a return on the investment when or if you choose to sell.

They Reduce Mosquitos

One reason to install a putting green is that the artificial turf installed during the putting green installation process will decrease the number of mosquitoes in your yard. Imagine more nights outdoors entertaining friends and taking turns on the putting green without worrying about warding off mosquitoes. That’s what you can expect from a backyard putting green.

They Are Completely Customizable

We custom design each putting green for our clients to accommodate their design preferences and yard space. Additionally, if you love the artificial turf of your putting green so much that you want to extend it to cover other areas or your entire yard, we can accommodate your needs and help you achieve your desired aesthetics.

Then, you’ll have a yard that requires no maintenance, cutting, or watering and looks green year-round, and will reduce the number of bugs and pests in your yard.

Adding Artificial Putting Greens to Business Space

One of the many benefits of artificial putting greens is that you can also add them to your business space in Fulshear, TX, or Katy, TX. Once installed, these areas can double as a place for employees to relax, connect, and engage in team-building camaraderie.

In addition, they are the perfect spot to entertain clients and even close deals over a shared love of golf. Adding a putting green to your business is an investment that can yield endless returns, both socially and financially.

You don’t have to reserve your love for golf to the golf course. Now you can play as much as you want, practice your stroke, and enjoy the green with friends from the comfort of your own home. Contact the experts at Living Trees & Shrubs today to learn more about putting green installation and schedule your consultation to get your design quote.