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How Often Do Shrubs Need to Be Trimmed?

If you’ve googled “shrub trimming services near me in Houston,” you might wonder how often you need to have your shrubs, bushes, and trees cut back. The answer is that it depends on a variety of factors, including the types of plants you have, the kind of look you would like to create, and the health of your plants. Landscaping experts local to Fulshear, TX and Katy, TX can help you determine the ideal trimming and pruning schedule.

How Often Do Shrubs Need to Be Trimmed in and around Houston?

In Texas, the climate is mild and warm for much of the year, so bushes, shrubs, and trees tend to grow a lot, even during the spring and fall. To keep your yard looking neat and tidy, get your shrubs trimmed often. Most people hire their landscaping professionals three to five times a year, but you might need trimming more or less frequently.

Since every plant is different, it’s hard to tell exactly how often you should ask your landscaping professionals to trim your shrubs, bushes, and trees. If in doubt, search for “shrub trimming services near me in Fulshear, TX or Katy, TX” and give your local professionals a call. At Living Trees & Shrubs, we can visit your home and evaluate your plants, then let you know the optimal trimming schedule.

Trimming vs Pruning

Two terms people often get mixed up are trimming and pruning. Trimming is the process of tidying up a hedge or shrub by removing unwanted branches or by cutting the bush down to limit its growth. It is mainly done for aesthetic appeal, to keep your shrub looking neat and tidy, and it can be done many times throughout the year.

When you prune a tree or shrub, you cut off excess or dead branches that are posing a health risk, either to the residents because the branches might fall down, or to the tree itself because they are diseased. Pruning is often more invasive than trimming because larger bits of the plant are removed. For this reason, many gardeners only prune their trees and shrubs once or twice a year.

Cutting Back Flowering Plants and Bushes

Evergreen shrubs are easy to trim because they will simply grow back the same. However, some plants flower at certain times of the year, and you should be more careful about trimming or pruning them because you don’t want to stunt the growth of the buds. For people who aren’t professional gardeners, it’s often hard to tell when they should cut down their plants since there is so much variation across and even within species.

For example, many types of azaleas bloom once a year, so trimming them back right after they have flowered is best. However, there are some variations that bloom twice, so they will need to be cut down twice a year. Similarly, Hydrangea shrubs bloom at different times of the year, and you will need to adjust your pruning schedule depending on the type of plant you have.

Pruning in the Fall

Many experts believe that pruning and trimming your plants in the fall, once the leaves have started to drop, is ideal. In many cases, it is true that landscaping is best done in the late fall. In the spring, when shrubs and bushes start to grow again, your plant will be able to concentrate on producing flowers and healthy leaves instead of putting its energy into dying branches.

However, not every plant needs to be pruned in the fall, and some benefit from being cut down at a later date. This is especially true for bushes and shrubs that flower later in the season. When you call your landscape experts in the fall, these plants might still be flowering, and it would be a shame to cut them back at that time. Therefore, you might need several appointments if you have various kinds of plants.

What About Trees?

Regular pruning is crucial if you want your trees to stay in good shape. Your Houston-based landscape gardeners will remove any dead branches, check that there are no signs of disease, and trim your tree into your preferred shape.

Often, trees’ pruning schedules are similar to those of shrubs, so you can combine the process. However, while you might need to have your shrubs trimmed several times throughout the season, it’s unlikely that your trees will need to be cut back more than once or twice a year.

What If I Don’t Want to Book Bimonthly Trimming?

If you’re worried about having to book too many appointments throughout the year, speak to your landscaping professionals. They can design a garden and strategically select shrubs that don’t require bimonthly trimming. That way, you’ll only have to book two to three appointments a year, and all your plants can be trimmed and pruned at the same time.

Do I Need to Call a Pro?

Avid gardeners often wonder whether they need to call a professional to prune and trim their plants or whether they can do it themselves. While you might excel at taking care of your garden throughout the year, pruning is a very specific skill, and it’s always best to hire a professional who can make sure it’s done the right way.

A good landscape gardener can analyze each plant to make sure there are no diseases, and they can cut away all the dead portions. What’s more, they can anticipate future growth, so they will cut your shrub in a way that encourages it to grow into your preferred shape. Because professionals have all the knowledge, tools, and equipment needed for trimming and pruning, the process is much less risky than if you do it on your own.

Shrub Trimming Services Near Me in Fulshear, TX or Katy, TX

Finding experienced landscape gardeners can be a challenge, but a good place to start is the internet. On the website, you can see whether a firm offers the services you need and how long they have been in operation. For example, we at Living Trees & Shrubs have been working in the area for over 32 years, so we have plenty of experience with the local climate and flora.

What Services Should I Ask For?

Aside from shrub trimming, you might need some of our additional services, which include tree pruning, tree cutting, installing root barriers, and installing sprinkler systems. If you feel that your garden is currently disorganized and not meeting your needs, why not ask us to redesign it? We will help you create a space that is beautiful and functional.

For example, we can help you install a pool, or we can plant trees that can accommodate a swing for your children. What’s more, we are happy to incorporate green ideas, so your home becomes a haven for wildlife in your area.

How often you need to have your plants cut back depends on a range of factors, including the species you have and your desired look. People who have been looking for “shrub trimming services near me in Houston” shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to experts, who can analyze their garden and figure out what the best trimming or pruning schedule is. Give us a call at Living Trees & Shrubs in Fulshear, TX and Katy, TX to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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