How Our Landscapers Can Create the Perfect Backyard Pond: Whole Process Explained

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the essential steps, elements, and considerations needed to create the perfect backyard pond. A well-planned outdoor water feature can enhance the beauty and tranquility of your outdoor space, providing calming sound therapy from the healing sounds of running water. From planning and design to installation and maintenance we’ve got you covered. At Living Trees & Shrubs, we take pride in our quality landscaping work, serving Katy, Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Fulshear, Texas for over 25 years.

Pond Planning Phase

Creating a breathtaking backyard pond begins with meticulous planning. Let’s discuss our blueprinting, planning, and landscape installation phases. Click on a link in the list below to skip to a particular pond planning section.

Location, Elevation, and Grading Matter

Choose the ideal spot for your pond. Consider factors like sunlight exposure, proximity to trees (for shade and potential leaf litter), and how it will integrate into your overall landscaping. Ask yourself, “What do I want from my pond?”. Do you want it do be a private oasis you can escape to after a long day at work? If so, consider placement options that can offer the most benefit such as ample seating for guests or lounge chairs to relax on.

how our landscapers can create the perfect backyard pond in katy houston or sugar land tx

Selecting a Pond Size and Shape

The size and shape of your pond are crucial. Larger ponds are generally easier to maintain, as they establish a more stable ecosystem. When it comes to shape, consider natural curves and irregular edges for a more organic look.

Depth and Safety

Determine the depth of your pond. If you want to add fish to your pond, deeper areas are essential for the health of the fish and provide a cooler environment during hot months and warmer spaces during the winter. Ensure safety by incorporating shallow sections and installing a protective fence or net if you have children or pets.

Water Source and Circulation

Decide on the water source, whether it’s tap water or harvested rainwater. Proper circulation is essential for maintaining water quality and preventing stagnation. A pump and filter system will help keep your pond clear and healthy. We will recommend different options for you to choose from with varying degrees of maintenance.

Pond Construction Phase

Now, let’s delve into the construction phase of your pond. Click on a link in the list below to jump to a particular pond construction section.


Start by digging the hole for your pond. Pay attention to the shape and depth you planned earlier. Keep the soil you remove, as it can be used to create attractive landscaping mounds around the pond.

backyard pond installation process houston katy tx

Liner Selection

Choose a high-quality pond liner to prevent leaks and promote water retention. Flexible rubber liners or preformed liners are popular choices. Ensure the liner overlaps the pond’s edges by at least 12 inches to create a secure barrier.

Edging and Borders

Give your pond a natural look by adding rocks, stones, chopped blocks, or bricks around the perimeter. Adding edging around the perimeter not only enhances aesthetics, it also provides a secure border to hold the liner in place.

Water Features

To take your pond to the next level, consider adding water features like fountains, waterfalls, or bubbling rocks. These features not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide soothing, sound therapy sounds.

Pond Maintenance Phase

Ongoing care is essential for keeping your backyard pond in top condition. If you want a pond that is as low maintenance as possible it’s important to make that clear when you’re still in the planning phase. Our landscapers can write out a suggested maintenance schedule and tell you how often you should call us to schedule seasonal maintenance. Skip on a link in the list below to jump to a particular section.

Water Quality

Regularly test and monitor the water quality. Maintain the right pH levels, and ensure the water is free from harmful toxins. Use beneficial bacteria to keep algae in check.

fish koi pond ideas for backyard makeover

Plant Life

Introduce aquatic plants, like lilies and submerged plants, to your pond. They provide oxygen, shade, and a natural habitat for wildlife. Prune them as needed to prevent overgrowth.

Fish Care

If you plan to have fish, provide proper care. Choose fish species that are suitable for your pond’s size and climate. Regular feeding and water quality checks are essential for their well-being.

Seasonal Maintenance

In winter, prevent your pond from freezing solid by using a pond heater or bubbler. In summer, ensure adequate shade and aeration to keep the water cool and oxygenated.

Pond Landscaping

The landscaping and hardscaping elements you select play a crucial role in creating the perfect backyard pond. Jump on a link in the list below to skip to a specific section.

Surrounding Plants

Select complementary plants to enhance the beauty of your pond. Ornamental grasses, ferns, and flowering plants can provide color and texture.


Consider incorporating a seating area, walkways, or a viewing deck near your pond. This allows you to enjoy your pond and makes maintenance more accessible. Hardscaping around your pond also helps minimize water usage. We recommend eco-friendly additions like artificial turf instead of grass.


Strategically placed landscape lighting can transform your pond into a stunning nighttime feature, creating a magical ambiance. You can really put your personal stamp on your backyard with a mixture of up lights, in-pond lighting, and low voltage landscape lighting fixtures.


We hope we’ve provided all the information you need to consider before hiring a landscaping company like ours to install an in-ground pond. Remember the most important considerations to ensure your pond requires the level of commitment and maintenance you want; ease of upkeep, cost of replacement materials, and maintenance required. With proper planning, personal touches, and installation expertise your pond will be a source of joy, relaxation, and sound therapy for years to come.

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