The Latest Modern Landscaping Trends and Features

Looking for the best landscape architects to design a modern backyard with all of the hottest trends and features? Living Trees & Shrubs can design your ideal backyard using modern landscape design elements and materials. Part of the goal of amazing landscaping is that it turns your backyard into a private oasis you can enjoy with friends and family. Here are five of the best trends in modern landscaping that you should consider having our designers incorporate into your own backyard paradise. 

Trend #1: Eco-Friendly Landscaping Touches 

Eco-friendly landscaping is sometimes referred to as “green” or “sustainable.” The goal of eco-landscaping is to design a space that is going to nurture the area by not using an overabundance of water or chemicals to keep it healthy. That may include native Texas plants, hardy plant species, and drought-resistant turf or grass. Idealy the plants and bushes used in an ecologically friendly landscape design project should thrive and flourish with little care from the homeowner. 

For example, eco-landscaping can include using recyclable materials or pavers that help with water runoff after a storm. Modern pavers can be made of eco-friendly material instead of traditional concrete. All of this is geared towards being better for the environment while making your yard a place you can feel good about for the future. 

Trend #2: Vertical Gardens 

Even a small backyard space can be gorgeous. One of the most modern ways to do this is with vertical gardens in landscaping. Achieve this modern trend with trellising that goes up vertically to create landscaping that surrounds a patio space or other parts of your property. It can go up against the structure of your house or be freestanding in a way that makes it seem like you’re surrounded by greenery. 

Trend #3: Drought-Proof Plants 

Xeriscaping is the concept of landscaping that is able to withstand a drought. With unpredictable weather in Texas, it’s always a good idea to have landscaping that can deal with a dry climate during parts of the year. We craft landscaping designs with drought-resistant plants that are eye-catching but don’t need a ton of water to survive. 

Trend #4: Cutting Edge Water Ponds

Backyard water features and fish ponds are a big trend that isn’t new, but the type that you have can be made modern and unique. Some ideas in cutting-edge water ponds are those with contemporary-looking clean lines and infinity pool features. We design ponds that don’t have the traditional large sides; they can be shaped like little squares and rectangles that are interconnected in a waterfall form. It’s a very contemporary-looking aesthetic. When it comes to creative home water feature ideas the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your budget). 

Trend #5: Impressive Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting is one of our specialties. Modern outdoor lighting can truly enhance the look of your landscaping by showing off certain features. Plus, the ambiance that proper lighting can create will make those nights out on your patio feel more special. 

Outdoor accent lights can include wall lights, unconventional lighting like chandeliers, or even in-ground recessed lighting. Creating a modern light installation that is going to highlight the best features of your landscaping and house is going to enhance your property the right way. 

Free Modern Landscaping Design Consultation

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