Protect Your Home’s Underground Electrical Lines, Plumbing & Water Lines with an Underground Barrier

There’s nothing more charming than a big live oak tree, but you should know that the root system is twice as large and much more intricate than the tree trunk and branches above ground. We’ve made it clear that a root protection system can prevent damage to your home’s foundation, but did you know there are other things a barrier can protect? Whether you’re planting new trees, building a pool, or are simply concerned about what’s going on underground we strongly suggest installing a root barrier system. Continue reading to learn how it can protect other underground components from expensive tree root damage.

Advantages of Root Protection Barrier

There are several advantages of installing an underground barrier to protect your home’s plumbing, foundation, and electrical lines.

  • Prevent Foundation Root Damage
  • Block Wayward Roots from Cracking Plumbing Pipes
  • Prevent Severing Underground Electrical Lines
  • Stop Roots from Breaking Water Lines
  • Prevent Septic & Sewer Line Damage
  • Block Roots from Damaging Gunite Pool

Fixing a cracked slab, pipe, or underground electrical lines is not cheap. The cost for excavation alone so that it can be accessed for repair is enormous, easily topping $5000. We highly encourage you to install a barrier surrounding your home’s perimeter and extending it around your pool as well if you’re lucky enough to have one. Your septic system is also vulnerable to growing tree roots.

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