Looking for experienced french drain installers nearby that can install a custom yard drainage system for your front or backyard? The Texas Gulf Coast is known for its troublesome storms, heavy rainfall, and flooding; that’s why installing a channel or french drain system is so important. Living Trees & Shrubs has provided french drain installation service throughout West Houston, Katy, and Fulshear, Texas for 32 years. If you find standing water in your yard a French drainage system might be the perfect solution. Call (713) 464-8733 or request a consultation and quote online from our professional drainage contractors.

French Drain Repair, Cleaning & Installation

Are you having problems with your lawn drainage system? Is a clogged french drain preventing it from working properly? In addition to installing systems, we also provide the following landscape drainage repair and maintenance services. Contact us to learn more about our drainage services.

Landscape Drainage Services

  • Pipeless Drains
  • Drainage System Installation
  • French Drain Cleaning
  • Unclog French Drains
  • Curtain Drains
  • French Drainage Maintenance
  • Drain Exit Point Debri Clearing
  • Landscape Drainage Repair
  • French Drain Pipe Repair
  • Drainage Systems Around Above Ground Pools
  • Cracked French Drain Pipe Replacement
  • Custom French Drain Design
  • Drain Cover Replacement
  • Channel Drains
  • Pipeless French Drain Installation

French Drainage System Design

Our sprinkler system specialists will design the perfect irrigation system to complement your landscaping. It is important for the design of such a system to take into account the specifics of each type of plant life and its hydration requirements. The designer must also keep in mind those areas that may have difficulty draining properly.

French Drain Repair, Installation, & Cleanout

Why Install Landscape Drainage in Your Front & Backyard?

Installing a quality drainage system around your home is one of the best landscaping investments one can make because it will prevent water from rising toward the outside of your home, possibly preventing water intrusion and the damage it causes. Without proper drainage your flower beds, mulch, and plants can get washed away from heavy rainfall.

If you have standing water or pools of water in your yard after it rains you should contact us to see if french drains is a good solution for the pooling problem.

What is the History of French Drains?

The word French in French drain is not called so because it was invented in the European country it shares its name with. The first French drainage system was actually invented by an American man named Henry Flagg French in 1859. His ideas of how a French drain should work were detailed in a book he wrote called Farm Drainage.

What is the Purpose of Landscape Drainage?

The role landscape drainage systems play is removing surface puddles of water from your yard, around your pool, or more commonly today, around people’s homes and gardens. The trenches your landscaper digs to carry water away from your home or building get gradually deeper as they approach the drains’ exit point, using gravity to assist in water flow away from the house. This is called positive grading, negative grading occurs when the slope toward your house gets higher toward your house which could cause flooding.


How are French Draining Systems Built?

The most basic form of a French drain involves building a ditch, or shallow trench, on an angle that allows proper water runoff during a rainstorm. Gravel is put inside the ditch to help facilitate the water drainage from a higher area to a lower one. There are also specialized drain tiles that are used today to help with the water running down and not clogging up the French drain. 

What are the Benefits of French Drain Systems?

The benefit of having French drains around your home is like having underground gutters that facilitate water runoff. Moving water where it isn’t wanted is the entire goal of using a French drain system but doing so yields several other benefits.

  • Reduces Mosquito Reproduction
  • Your Kids & Pets Can Play in the Grass without Getting Muddy
  • Standing Water is Far Less Likely to Cause Water Damage Inside Your Home
  • Prevent your landscaping, flowers, and mulch from getting washed away or killed by standing water
  • Stop water and debris from soiling your pool or hardscaping

Since they are installed at an angle, gravity forces the water to run where it should. Then the water won’t pool in your yard and potentially flood the perimeter around your home causing water damage. When we install French drains, the exit points for all of the water are as far away from your yard and home as possible. 

Another benefit of french drains is they are efficient, affordable, and are installed very quickly to save your lawn and landscaping from damage.

French drains also reduce the number of mosquitos because standing water in Texas is their ideal mosquito breeding ground environment. After the drainage system is installed, you can treat any remaining water in the trench/reservoir with a few granules of non-toxic mosquito larvicide. Water treated with Mosquito Bits is safe for your pets, wild animals, and the environment, yet they are toxic to mosquito larvae.

How do French Drains Work?

French drain systems use gravity to pull water away from your home or yard using a series of underground pipes and reservoirs. They release water at the exit point, usually somewhere near a public drain or other defined area. One of the best places for the drainage system’s exit point is the street because there are drainage ditches and/or storm drains that can take the water even further away.

If there isn’t a street with municipal drainage present a dry well, slough, or other low-lying spots on the outskirts of your property is a good alternative drainage destination.

Our team will assess your front and backyard drainage needs during the initial consultation. If they recommend french or channel drains they will provide a fair quote for installation and the best layout options. 

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