Do you have a young tree or leaning tree damaged in a storm that needs support to help it stay upright? Living Trees & Shrubs offer tree cabling, tree bracing, and staking services throughout Houston and Katy, Texas. We have performed professional tree services for the local community for 32 years. If you have an unstable tree, give us a call at (713) 464-8733 to request service in Houston or (713) 320-1678 in Katy, Texas.

Types of Tree Stabilizing Supports

We install many types of tree support systems to help maintain a healthy position for optimum growth and health. Various tree support elements are used to correct limbs growing in an unhealthy direction, to support the leader (main trunk growth), and sometimes the entire tree needs support. Tree support types include but are not limited to:

  • Tree cables
  • Tree stakes
  • Palm Tree Cables
  • Tree braces
  • Tree Brace Rods
  • Palm tree bracing
  • Limb Braces
  • Limb cables
  • Palm Tree Staking

Tree Support System Questions & Answers

What Causes Tree Instability?

There are many things that can make a tree unstable. For example, a young tree in a high traffic area such as near the entrance of a restaurant or a playground probably needs support braces to help it maintain a healthy posture. Other tree instability causes include wind storm damage, over-pruning one side, leader damage, insect or termite infestations, and disease.

What Types of Tree Species are Typically Unstable?

Some species are simply more susceptible to root uplift or wind damage that can make them lean dangerously to the side. Palm trees are very susceptible to storm trauma; almost all young varieties of tropical palms should have tree cables wrapping around the trunk and ground-level tie-downs to help maintain its vertical position until the roots have grown deep enough for it to hold a vertical stance.palm tree bracing support systems

We provide palm tree bracing services to help your young palms thrive, supporting them and preventing leaning. To maximize your palm tree’s health we also recommend professional palm frond pruning and trimming service seasonally.

Schedule a Tree Support System Installation in Katy or Houston TX

Contact us to schedule tree cabling, staking, or bracing to secure an unstable tree and prevent tree failure from uplifted roots.