We offer tree fertilizing services in the Houston and Katy, Texas area. Contact Living Trees & Shrubs today to schedule fertilizer service or a tree assessment to determine any tree health needs that need to be addressed. Our friendly fertilizer technicians will survey the trees on your property and recommend a nutritional application schedule to maintain tree health or help a sick tree recover faster.

Common Tree Fertilizer Questions & Answers

Why Do Trees & Shrubs Need Fertilizer?

Trees planted in urban or suburban areas need seasonal fertilization to supplement their nutrient intake because they are not planted in the lush forest-like environment they came from. If you have trees in your front or backyard they require species-specific fertilizer service at various intervals to avoid nutrient deficiency, aid healthy growth and minimize the threat of tree disease.Proper fertilization can also save a stressed or damaged tree. Many seemingly lost plants can be restored to health with nutrient supplements, and tree disease can actually be reversed when combined with proper trimming, pruning, and maintenance/

What Type of Fertilizer do Trees Need?

There are two different types of tree fertilizer; inorganic and organic fertilizer.Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources including plants, animals, and minerals. Inorganic fertilizers are man-made and synthesized in a laboratory. Your trees may need one or the other, but sometimes both depend on the tree species and environmental factors. If it’s a fruit tree we highly recommend sticking with organic fertilizer to avoid any food contamination.

What are the Benefits of Fertilizing Trees?

Deep root feeding your trees with species-appropriate fertilizer makes them more disease-resistant and helps them grow a fuller canopy. Fertilizer also encourages lush foliage and makes the plants less vulnerable to insect infestations.

What are the Signs a Tree, Shrub, or Plant Needs Fertilizer?

Trees that are malnourished, like humans, appear thin and their growth may be stunted. Instead of sprouting many branches around the circumference a nutrient-deficient shrub or tree will have sparse limbs with thin foliage and leaves.

Why Choose Our Tree Fertilizer Service

Our arborists have many 32 years of experience fertilizing trees and shrubs. Whether you have shade trees, flowering trees, fruit trees, or citrus trees you can rest assured that we will properly fertilize them according to their specific nutritional needs. Our professional tree service staff will design the shrub or tree Houston area fertilization program that is right for you and your unique landscape.

Schedule Professional Tree Fertilizer Service in Katy or Houston

Contact Living Trees & Shrubs to request a tree assessment and fertilization quote. You can also call (713) 320-1678 in Katy or (713) 464-8733 in Houston, Texas. We’re proud to serve homeowners, property managers, business owners, and neighborhood communities throughout the Gulf Coast region.