Shopping around for professional tree removal companies in Katy or Houston, Texas? While we encourage everyone to save their trees if possible, there are times in which cutting down a tree is the only option. Contact Living Trees & Shrubs for a free quote to remove a tree from your home or property.

Remove Tree Service

Many times it is necessary to cut down and remove a tree for safety purposes. A tree that is diseased may pose the risk of falling causing property damage. Failure to remove weak and dying trees can also result in severe injury. If a tree has been significantly damaged during a storm, it should be inspected by a qualified arborist to determine if the tree should be removed.

Tree removal is also sometimes necessary to clear the way for new construction. Branches or root systems may pose a significant barrier to the completion of a construction project. In these instances, removing the tree is the only option. Special care must be taken in a construction site, and only qualified arborists should attempt tree removal in such circumstances.

The professionals at Living Trees & Shrubs specialize in the safe removal of trees in the Houston area. Failure to follow strict guidelines can result in property damage and injury.

Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding in Houston can be utilized to remove a tree stump without massive destruction of the surrounding landscaping. Using state-of-the-art grinding equipment our professionals will remove stumps quickly and without the damage caused by more traditional methods. Our stump grinding pulverizes the stump below the surface – ensuring other plant life can take hold.


A tree stump can be an eyesore in your landscape and will prevent new growth in the area. Stump grinding will free the area for use, providing space for more attractive plant life such as gardens, shrubs, or even grass. Removing stumps will improve the overall look of your landscape.

Stumps left behind from an incomplete tree removal can also be a safety hazard. Lawnmowers can sustain damage, and stumps pose a tripping risk. A safer landscape can be had through stump grinding in the Houston area.

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