Sustainable Landscaping Trends for 2021

Have you heard of sustainable landscaping? It’s a modern landscaping trend that supports and benefits the environment, including all the elements of design, construction, and maintenance in your yard or garden. Sustainable landscaping elements include recycled materials like recycled or crushed concrete and plants that require little to no water such as cacti.

If you want an eco-friendly garden you would not want to install plants that require extensive watering when you live in a drought-prone area. Planting plant species that drink less water is actually a type of sustainable landscaping called xeriscaping, which benefits the environment by not overusing water. 

Hardscaping, on the other hand, uses less water and requires even less maintenance because design elements are not hard surfaces without in-ground plants. Hardscaping is a popular choice for landscaping around pools.

There are other ways to make sure that the landscaping around your home is sustainable. We’re proud at Living Trees and Shrubs to come up with innovative sustainable landscaping trends that will make your yard beautiful and environmentally friendly for years to come. Let’s look at some of the best sustainable landscaping trends for 2021. 

Trend #1: Install the Right App Connected In-Ground Sprinkler System 

Having the right in-ground sprinkler system can really monitor the amount of water you use when it’s connected to an app. Home irrigation systems use much less water than the traditional hose, with sprinkler attachment, that you have to drag out each time you water. Plus, making the mistake of leaving it on for large amounts of time is possible because you just go about your day, forgetting that the water is running. It’s also valuable to have a rainfall sensor that will shut the whole system down or won’t start it up when it senses moisture in the air and ground. 

Trend #2: Low-Voltage Lighting or Solar Landscape Lighting

Energy-efficient, low-voltage landscape lighting can save you money and energy all year long. That’s why the design of the lighting system around your backyard is so important. Sustainable outdoor lighting is the perfect way to combat rising energy costs. Solar lighting is another option that’s considered eco-friendly. Those lights are very easy to install and with the amount of sun that we get in Texas each year, it’s an endless power source that’s renewable. 

Trend #3: Use Native Plants and Trees 

Plants that are able to thrive in a southwestern climate do best in Texas. That’s going to ensure that your yard and landscaping work with the environment and not against it. Everything will grow and flourish without much maintenance from you during the year.

Trend #4: Locally Sourced Stone and Wood 

Using locally sourced stone and other building materials for your deck or patio areas is going to cut down on the carbon footprint. Then it doesn’t have to travel long miles using carbon emissions to get to your home. Plus, stone lasts forever and can be used again and again as a reusable resource. Stone won’t end up in a landfill because its value is too great in recycling it for another purpose.   

Trend #5: Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and water features are excellent additions to your landscaping that benefits the wildlife in your area. This is a vital part of landscaping since many natural water sources aren’t available to birds in suburban places with tons of development. They love to bathe and drink from water features with fresh flowing water in your yard. 

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