The 2021 Backyard Lighting Trends Everyone Is Talking About

Whether you prefer to throw burgers on the fire or host an outdoor wine tasting under the expansive night sky, in Texas backyard lighting is not an option if you want to entertain guests in the evening. In the Lone Star State, the backyard is the place where friends, co-workers, and family come together to enjoy good food, good company, and good times year-round. You want this place to be inviting, functional, and representative of your personal style. So ditch the poorly lit or outdated lighting for a space that people will talk about and check out the top outdoor landscape lighting trends for 2021.

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1. Solar-Powered Walk Lighting

With long, sunny days, solar lighting makes sense around here. It’s both useful and beautiful. It’s also easy on the electric bill and eco-friendly.

When choosing solar walkway lighting, always opt for quality and you can’t go wrong. When buying solar lights you need to know:

Solar Lighting Questions & Answers

What type of bulb is best for solar walkway lighting? 

LED is best in Texas because it holds a bright light longer thanks to the long hours of sunlight we enjoy.outdoor landscape lighting pathway

How many hours of sun does a solar landscape light fixture need to charge?

2 to 3 hours of sun exposure per day should be a sufficient charging time.

What’s the run time once the sun goes down? 

The number of hours it takes for solar landscape lights to go out from losing power depends on the quality and model of the light but lights from big box home and garden stores usually last between 4 to 6 hours if fully charged.

How bright are they and are they bright enough to guide people walking at night?

Solar lights are measured in lumens of 1-30 with 30 being the brightest, so if you want them bright enough to light a pathway in your yard at night you should go for solar lights with 20 to 30 lumens.

How bright should the lights be compared to the other light fixtures used in a landscape design?

Path lighting should accent the walkway and supplement other landscape lighting fixtures and elements, but not shine brighter than your architectural lights or porch light.

2.  Wall Lighting

Strategically place siding lights along exterior walls to highlight steps, landscaping, or other backyard features while increasing nighttime safety for those walking outside after dark.

3. Smart Lighting

It will be no surprise that smart lighting makes the list of 2021 backyard lighting trends. With smart lighting, you’ll easily manage your lighting through a convenient app.

We love this option because the sky’s the limit when it comes to design choices. You can create more complex lighting displays since you’ll manage them all in one place.   You can even fill your backyard with a variety of lighting displays you can alternate to create the perfect mood for your evening. 

Use the lighting app to turn certain sets of lights on/off. Change the color or brightness. Highlight specific features at different times of the night or on different days using a timer.

Manage your backyard lighting from anywhere to enhance security.

4. Step Lights

Step lights are usually tube lighting that lights up each step on an outdoor staircase to reduce fall risk and beautifully accentuate your steps. This modern, aesthetically pleasing, and practical lighting solution has been a top request for backyard lighting in 2021.

5. Lamp Post Lights

Have you been looking for a lighting solution with a more traditional look and feel? In 2021, we’re seeing lots of homeowners asking for lamp post lights for their patios, decks, and trees. These lantern lights deliver a softer, more home-like feel while delivering a burst of light onto backyard features.

6. Bollard Lights

This modern outdoor lighting style may be more common in a commercial setting. But it’s quickly catching on in residential communities because these strategically placed lights deliver powerful, pleasing light to your outdoor spaces in 2021. You’ll find these LED fixtures in wired or solar versions.


7. In-Walk Path Lighting

This sleek and subtle alternative to solar path lights can be installed and wired professionally within your walkways to illuminate the walk and increase walk safety. Bonus: They look stunning and provide a finishing touch to your commitment to having the most talked-about yard in the neighborhood.

8. Pond Lighting

First of all, if you don’t have a backyard fishpond, why not? And second, make this sought-after backyard design element the focal point of your yard with the right pond lighting. 

9. Security Lighting

Enhance the safety of your home with security lighting that illuminates those dark areas and enhances the usefulness of your outdoor space after sunset.

Don’t stop here. Our design team can work with you to create your own unique backyard oasis by exploring more backyard lighting options that provide function, safety, and aesthetic appeal to your backyard. We’d love to work with you to achieve the outdoor space you’re dreaming of. Contact us to connect with a landscape lighting designer at Living Trees and Shrubs today.