Tree Root Barrier vs. Removal: Which Is Right for You?

Trees are an integral part of our landscape, and they can enrich and complete our gardens. But because of their size and intricate root system, they also present unique challenges. At Living Trees and Shrubs in Houston, Fulshear, TX, and Katy, TX, we offer various services, including tree removal, stump grinding, and tree root barrier installation.

People who have a tree in their yard and are worried about its effects on their buildings might wonder whether they should install a root barrier or whether it’s safer to cut down the tree. The answer is that each situation is unique. In many cases, a root barrier can be extremely effective, but it depends on the health and size of your tree. To find out more, you’ll need to consult the experts.  

Tree Root Barrier vs. Removal: Which Is Right for You?

Having a tree in your yard can be wonderful, but it can also cause problems. When the tree grows too big, it might obstruct your view, impact your neighbors’ property, or damage the foundation of your home with its roots. If you’re worried about your tree, you should contact landscaping experts.

They can visit your home and let you know whether your tree is likely to pose any problems. Sometimes, cutting it down is the only option, but at other times, installing a root barrier in the ground can effectively prevent damage and allow the tree to grow in a safe manner.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

If you want to get rid of a tree in your garden or yard, you have to call a professional landscaping business like Living Trees and Shrubs. We will come to your home to look at the tree in question and then let you know how we will proceed. Then, we can safely remove it with the help of several tools. First, we will determine the ideal felling zone and create escape routes.

Then, we will size up the tree and make sure there are no dead branches or other elements that could be dangerous. Safety is always our priority, and we always work in a team to reduce our risk. We will cut a suitable notch into the trunk and then carefully fell the tree. After it has fallen, we can cut off the branches and cut up the trunk, so it can be transported away more easily. The stump can be ground up, so you can use your land for something else.  

Who Is This Right For? 

Chopping down a tree can be heartbreaking, especially if it has been in your yard for a long time. But sometimes, keeping it isn’t viable because it could pose a danger to you and your property. If you suspect that your tree is no longer healthy, you should call a qualified arborist and ask them to inspect it. They can let you know whether it needs to be felled.

Sometimes, removing a tree is also necessary because you’re planning on constructing a new building on your land or because you’re hoping to do something different with your garden. If you’re wondering whether getting rid of your tree is the right move, you should speak to your local landscaping team. We can go over your options and help you make the best decision possible.

Tree Root Barrier Installation

Many homeowners consider chopping down a tree because they are worried about the root system impacting the foundations and stability of their homes. But fortunately, there are several options, and removing your tree might not be necessary. Instead, installing a root barrier could be an effective way of minimizing your risk and directing the roots to where they won’t impact your structures.

A root barrier is a physical barrier placed deep into the ground between your tree and the building you would like to protect. It is usually developed in conjunction with an arborist, who can evaluate the health of your tree and help you decide how deep the barrier has to be. Installing a root barrier can take several days, but once it’s been placed into the ground, your barrier will protect your property for up to 15 years.

Who Is This Right For? 

This is the perfect solution for anyone who is worried about the impact their tree has on their house but would prefer not to cut it down. A root barrier allows your tree to keep growing in a stable way without impacting the safety and integrity of your buildings. It is a great alternative to cutting down a valuable tree.

In Houston, Fulshear, TX, and Katy, TX, tree root barrier installation can be more expensive than tree removal and stump grinding. Often, it costs several thousands of dollars. However, the investment can be worth it because you’ll get to keep your tree, and your property will be safe for over a decade.

Should I Let a Tree Grow in My Garden or Yard? 

Moving to a new home or redesigning your existing outdoor space can be extremely fun because you get to create something that suits your tastes and your family’s needs. Many people dream of having a tree on their property. Trees can provide shade, reduce pollution, quiet noise, and calm people down. What’s more, they can increase and diversify your yard’s wildlife. If you plant a fruit tree, you can supplement your diet with your own produce.

However, trees aren’t suitable for every yard. If you have a small space, you might be better off with shrubs and flowering plants, since you don’t want your whole garden taken over by one tree. Sometimes, large trees can also create problems with the neighbors, particularly if they block other people’s views or if some branches hang over into your neighbors’ yard. If you’re unsure, you should consult a landscaping expert and go through your options.

Finding Great Landscape Designers in Houston, Fulshear, TX, or Katy, TX

Finding the best landscapers possible is crucial because they will impact the way your garden looks and feels for years or even decades. If you’re having a tree root barrier installed, you need to make sure that the landscapers are competent and have worked on such projects before. Similarly, you don’t want your tree cut down by someone inexperienced. Fortunately, finding great landscape designers isn’t very hard.

You can start by looking at the websites of local businesses. A good landscaping company will clearly list the kinds of services they offer, and they will also have an “About” page, so you can find out who will be working in your garden. What’s more, there should be photos of previous projects that demonstrate the kind of work the landscapers can produce. Once you’ve found a company that could be right for you, you can call them and book an in-person meeting.

Homeowners who have a large tree in their yard might be worried that the roots will damage their home’s foundation. In this case, they can either choose tree removal and stump grinding or a tree root barrier installation. A good landscaping expert can help you decide what’s right for your home. Get in touch with us today at Living Trees and Shrubs in Houston, Fulshear, TX, and Katy, TX to book an appointment with one of our landscapers.